Welcome to Seed Studios

Seed Studios is an arts and wellbeing organisation running music and media studios in Old Trafford, Partington & Broomwood (Timperley). We work holistically to tackle health inequalities by empowering people to achieve their creative goals. Using music as a tool we improve wellbeing, confidence and social capital, helping local people gain a better chance in life.

At the core of our activities are community workshops offering creative and social opportunities for everyone nearby. We encourage trained volunteers to lead sessions, sharing skills and equipment while developing their own artistic practice inspired by local diversity. Commitment from volunteers is produced through time-banking and the opportunity to use the studios for personal projects out of hours.

What we offer


We provide shared community access to music and media studio facilities that are out of reach for people as individuals


We encourage diverse relationships and groups for social support of wellbeing through relaxed, creative activities


We run projects with specific community goals, providing paid work and professional development for volunteers


We connect Seed to other groups and opportunities, so our people and projects can flourish into new avenues of activity

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Having expanded our latest project across all 3 studios in Old Trafford, Partington and Broomwood (Timperly) we’re actively looking to reach new local people and volunteers who can work together and improve their lives.

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