• Artistic Overview

    Exploration - Development - Connections

The arts and creativity are at the core of Seed’s communities. The opportunity to explore our experiences, develop our skills, and share our individuality through expressive and creative activities, forms the strength in our relationships, and guides the flows of our cultural journey. Here we are collecting just some of the memories and records of our artistic work and the impact it has provided to many local people.

As a cultural capital development platform, we use music and creative activities to embed professional musicians within the rich cultural tapestries of suburban neighbourhoods. Sharing insights into one-another’s practice and inspirations born from very different development processes, communities and professionals alike can develop new inspirations, skills and practice.

Peter Brewis (Field Music) during his residency, working with local musicians.

At the launch of the One Copy Album – Waterside Arts Centre

In Place of War came to record, so we had an impromptu workshop in the cafe.

Rose performs her composition with the Vonnegut Collective, including players from the BBC Philharmonic

Composer Tom Harrold takes a break from his Last Night of the Proms commission to help Lucy work on her audiovisual piece

Old Trafford residents enjoying their studio together.

A performance in Partington by the local Blues artist.

A trio from Old Trafford, performing in the Wellbeing Center.

Young at heart, the guitar group at Partington brings together all ages.

Artists at the Waterside, celebrating the success of a creative project.

The Broomwood guitar group, happening in the cafe.

2 days of recording with ‘In Place of War’, produced by the ever-invisible Graham Massey.

Just some of the feedback gathered.

“[I feel] a lot more confident in any music session”
“So impressed with what I learned. It had a massive impact on my music”
“Useful workshops presented in a relaxed, supportive environment.”
“It has helped me with confidence in my life as well.”
“Now feeling more confident for recording my own band”
of participants report gaining new skills at Seed Studios
of participants feel confident passing-on what they have learnt to others
of participants feel more confident towards further learning or work in the music industry
of participants report that they feel more confident and have been empowered by Seed activities