• Live the Life that you want to

In 2013 Seed Studios began our ‘Hate Crime Stories’ project.
“People don’t understand”
“We don’t want to know the truth”

We formed groups in the community to record local experiences of discrimination & hate.

“People are still frightened of difference”
“I just want to be like everyone else”

We wanted to highlight negative behaviour and the people who are targeted. We aimed to present the community with hatred & human-beings side by side.

“Stereotyping people, just basically putting people in a box”
“You catch yourself doing it don’t you”

Some of the stories make for uncomfortable listening.

“They smashed her right in the face”

But moments are beautiful too.

“You live the life that you want to, hold your head up and always be very very proud of what you are”

From these stories we hope to spur debate, increase understanding and develop stronger accountability within our communities.

“I think a lot of it is building confidence up again”
“Empathy in all directions is what needs to be taught”

What do we want our communities to sound like? What stories do we want to hear in the future?

It’s ultimately up to us.

“You only change things by making it happen”
“You only change things by making it happen”
“You only change things by making it happen”