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Training for local people

From Spring 2014 to Autumn 2015 we ran a sound engineer training programme for Seed Volunteers and the local community of Old Trafford. Winning grant funding from the Voluntary Sector Grants scheme we purchased a 16-track Mixing Desk for Studio 1 and eagerly set up the first stage of the training programme to develop skills and confidence in the community. Volunteer Steve was the obvious first choice for the initial training sessions as he is not only a professional sound engineer but also an experienced teacher of Sound Engineering.

This first round of training brought vital skills and knowledge to our team of volunteers and for the most proficient, an opportunity for an extra nudge to become the next paid trainer working with local community members as the other volunteers started to cascade the skills through the group in their own sessions.

What has the project provided

Having focused our project on up-skilling local musicians and increasing personal confidence we have seen great impact from the project. Local musicians and engineers have gone on to work on gigs in the local venues with bands from inside and outside the studios, as well as other more rare opportunities like a partner project at the Manchester Central Library where they got to engineer for the likes of Tom Hingley (former front man of Inspiral Carpets) as he compèred an event with over 100 artists in the prestigious city centre venue.

The funding has been fully utilised and the formal training over, but the skills are now being taken ‘on tour’ to Studio 3 in Broomwood by Old Trafford’s volunteers and bands. Together they can inspire their industry colleagues who have a 16-track desk of their own waiting to record them in their Broomwood studio sessions!

“Has improved my confidence in applying for similar roles in the community”
“A great teacher; took time to explain processes thoroughly and then check our knowledge”
“Presented in a relaxed, supportive environment. Now feeling more confident for recording my own band”
“It has helped me with confidence in my life as well.”
“So impressed with what I learned. It had a massive impact on my music and I actually bought a mixer.”
of participants feel more confident using a mixer for recording & live performance
of participants feel confident passing-on what they have learnt to others
of participants feel more confident towards further learning or work in the music industry

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