What is Take Notice, Learn, Connect?

Seed Studios provides opportunities for members of the public who are struggling with their mental health to attend high quality private sessions with an experienced and professional musician. You can explore any kind of music on any instrument and do not need to have any previous experience, just an interest and curiosity. We make sure that anyone who gets involved develops a strong working relationship with our professionally trained musicians, who are able to adapt their approach to all needs, abilities and aspirations. The private sessions usually take place for a specific amount of time, in order to build confidence and skills, so that if you wish, you can begin to attend some of our volunteer-led music groups, which are open and welcome to all.

We feel that Take Notice, Learn, Connect is a cornerstone of what we do at Seed Studios, as it enables people who do not feel confident enough to participate in group situations to access and discover new musical connections primarily with themselves and in turn and perhaps with those around them.

How do I get involved?

We are not currently running this program, but once we do, we will have more information and contact details.

What’s the experience?

“Attending the sessions helped me through some difficult days….[the sessional worker] is assertive in a good way, an accomplished musician and uses the session time well, to feel like I’ve achieved a lot in that time.“

“The sessional worker was open and patient as well as encouraging.”

“The sessional worker introduced me to brand new techniques that I can incorporate into my music making in the future. The sessional worker made me feel calm and confident and I felt able to ask questions and able to communicate if something didn’t make sense, or if I needed it to be repeated. The sessions felt like a safe space to make mistakes, as questions and experiment.”

“I got on with the sessional worker really well and even though I felt like I was taking a really big risk by singing, I was being myself and that felt good…The breathing exercises were really good, linking in with the yoga and meditation that I do, and I now sing at home, in the car, wherever I go. This also helped me to focus more on me and to forget what other people think…It has made me more open to challenges and when I get nervous, I still feel scared but mainly I feel courageous.”

“J really enjoyed his time with the sessional worker, as far as he is concerned, everything here has been top drawer. He is now a part of the Ukulele group at Old Trafford and is in a new phase of being more independent in everyday life.”

“S has loved being in the studio with the sessional worker. She has changed so much since attending the sessions, she is more confident and has even made a CD to share with her family and friends just in time for Christmas.”

“The exercises and breathing techniques were very good and made me understand how to use the voice properly. I was able to be more creative with the voice than with any other instrument and I feel it’s an internal source that opens creativity and the mind.”

“I had not sung for a long time after having my children and I could really feel the difference, I felt uplifted after every session and my confidence in singing has really increased. It has also helped with my ongoing asthma. I used to sing a lot and perform but since having a family have not been able to pursue it and these sessions enabled me to carve out much needed time for myself and I have found a new love for singing, now, once again, one of my ‘happy places’.”

“I have really enjoyed the sessions to learn the guitar and it has given me something that I can do in my own time, just for me, especially if I’m not sure what to do with myself. I manage to put it before doing other things and I’ve become better at allowing myself that 30 minutes of practice most days. I find it very relaxing. I have enjoyed the structure to develop new skills and the focus, it’s something I always look forward to.”