The Sound Poems

Below is a map of Manchester City Center. The coloured dots mark the areas where sounds were discovered and captured. Each Sound Poem has a coloured play button to match the area it represents. Why not go to one of the areas and listen to its sound poem, experience the city through the sounds it left behind.

Sound Poem 1 is made out of sounds collected from the Oxford Road area which is also known as The Corridor. Whirring car sounds, shop doors and muffled musical phrases coming out of the Royal Northern College of Music meld together.

Sound Poem 2 is made of sound collected at Piccadilly Gardens, Market Street and the Arndale Centre. Distant voices, shops tills and lift sounds collide together in a capitalist frenzy.

Sound Poem 3 is made out of sounds collected in and around the Bridgewater Canal, with the rumbling sound of Manchester distorted by the underwater world.

Sound Poem 4 is made out of sounds collected at Piccadilly Railway Station with screeching trains being time stretched to build ambient drones, with the tannoy echoing in the distance.

Sound Poems 5, 6 and 7 are made out of sounds collected at Manchester Library with the sound of a 3D printer, a creaking floor, a computer game being played and the hush of research.

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