Do you want to Volunteer at Seed?

Our studios are more popular than ever and we can now offer more opportunities to skilled or developing musicians and technicians who want to help local people and each other engage in creative activities.

We are also currently looking for volunteers with an interest in developing skills in photography/videography, social media marketing, accounting and general office admin. If you fancy bringing your interest and ability in any of these areas to support our management team then please get in touch.

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What we can offer you

Volunteering at Seed can offer you lots of things – we did a workshop with our volunteers and asked them what they valued at Seed and loved the most – these are their Volunteer Values:

  • Community – People are at the core of what we do here. We’re the community’s music studio and the community is who we’re here for.
  • Learning & Skills development – Sharing what we learn is central to the studio ethos, everyone wants to develop and the best way that happens is by learning from each other.
  • Creativity – We want to inspire you. Finding new ways to express ourselves and explain the world around us helps energise our innovative musical activities.
  • Support – Our studios are in wellbeing centres. Everyone needs wellbeing support for the daily challenges to our mental health. Just sharing time with others is great for staying healthy, but the creative arts make the whole process even more successful.
  • Self Worth – No skills necessary. That’s how it is here, and do you know why that is? Because everyone has room to grow and develop. So whether you’ve sold out the Manchester Academy (we’ve got musicians that good) or just starting out learning how to hold a guitar, you’ll be valued just the same, valued for what you bring – You.
  • Facilities – 3 studios across Trafford all running Ableton, with multi-track recording facilities and a wide array of guitars, synthesisers, acoustic and electronic drum kits. More into Breaks & Beats? Well how do Korg Volcas and DJ decks sound!
  • Safety – Comes as standard. But for a real sense of personal safety we operate with a dignity policy to help make the studio the happy and enriching experience it should be.
  • Work Opportunities – Running funded projects lets us pay our local volunteers to undertake specific creative or co-ordination positions, and there’s always help for new volunteers to develop towards these aspirations.
  • Fun – Not so much a value as an expectation. Fun happens. I don’t think we know how to lose it.

What are we looking for in you?

If you have some of these skills and knowledge then we want to meet you – you’d make a great Seed Volunteer.

If you want to develop any of these skills & knowledge then you’re a volunteer waiting to be trained, so still get in touch and we’ll sort you out.

Just let us know what you can do – or want to learn – we’d love to have you come and help out!

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I Have…?

  • Musical ability or studio skills
  • Knowledge of a specific or range of musical activities
  • A desire to help other people learn or make the best of their creativity
  • Leadership skills or a desire to learn how to lead others
  • Self-Motivation and organisation skills
  • An interest in working with disadvantaged communities