found around

Lockdown creativity

With the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown restrictions shutting our studios at Broomwood Community Wellbeing Centre and Old Trafford Wellbeing Centre, our community were left without the regular, face to face interaction they’ve enjoyed for years at our music and wellbeing workshops.

As well as moving our regular workshops online, we knew that our community members’ lives had all changed drastically but their creativity avenues had closed. This is how we came up with the found around project. The found around project invited our community to submit reflections on their life in lockdown in the form of audio recordings. We were sent recordings of rattling bike chains, gushing rock pools, music boxes and the sounds of carpentry amongst many other weird and wonderful sounds.

Community reflection

We wanted to use these sounds to create music that would represent our community’s varied experiences in lockdown. The audio recordings were passed to Hayley Suviste, Hynta and Luke Dobbin, three music producers, sound artists and/or composers close to the Seed community who created pieces entirely out of the submitted sounds.

We also asked artist Sophie Mahon to create accompanying music videos for the pieces

With the artists drawing solely from sounds sent in by our community, the found around project drew together our community’s experiences of lockdown and celebrated not only our community’s resilience in the face of drastic lifestyle change, but also their commitment to creativity.

found around was supported by Arts Council England’s Covid-19 Emergency Response fund.