Social prescribing

1-to-1 music and mental health sessions

Our group sessions are where our community comes alive, where people make new connections and learn life-changing musical skills, but some people are not quite ready for making music in big groups straight away. At Seed Studios, we understand this, and that’s why we support Trafford mental health through offering 1-to-1 music sessions for people referred to us from local GPs and mental health & social care organisations.

Our dedicated Community Connector engages with people who are experiencing depression, social isolation and anxiety and designs bespoke musical mental health and confidence-building support with our Wellbeing Workers. We’ve offered sessions around guitar, bass, drums, keyboards, violin and music production in the past, helping people who are absolute beginners at music build their confidence and wellbeing.

1-to-1 music and mental health social prescribing referral

First steps

If you are feeling low, anxious or like you could be happier or healthier, get in touch with your GP surgery. They can put you in touch with a link worker who can help you find support and connections in your local community.

Our 1-to-1 sessions are for people who are being supported by a link worker. But if you feel ready to meet new people and join our community, find out more about our weekly sessions which are open to the public.

Community music wellbeing workshops

Our workshops are open to all

Supporting Trafford mental health

If you are a link worker or healthcare professional in Trafford, and you are working with someone who could benefit from our music-focused mental health support, please get in touch! You can refer people into our service using Elemental, by emailing our Community Connector via, or using the following form.

Please note that we are a small charity with a very large social prescribing caseload. We will reply as soon as we can.