Who we are

Our community

Seed Studios is a community of local volunteers dedicated to using music to relieve isolation and improve wellbeing. We engage people experiencing emotional or psychological distress, isolation or loneliness and offer creative activities to support personal development goals. Through confidence-building and skills development at our workshops, our community members achieve a greater feeling of life satisfaction and potential for an even better future.

Seed Studios was established as a Community Group in 2006 and later as a charity in 2017. We are a volunteer-led organisation that is shaped by the projects, workshops and creativity of volunteers. The volunteers have often grown from challenging times, through the community, to a position where they can give back to others. Many of these volunteers have progressed to join our board of trustees, managing our organisation and helping it grow.

Some of our volunteers

Andrew Hodson

Trustee, Chair and founder

Andrew is Seed Studios’ founder, taking us from a community group in Bluesci in 2007, to a registered charity in 2017 and finally continuing as our board of trustees’ chair

Phil Handscomb

Trustee and Treasurer

Phil is an active user of our service, joining our Ukulele workshops, whilst also performing a vital role as our charity’s treasurer overseeing the financial books

Lucy Power


Lucy runs our Sound Explorers workshop, offering a weekly opportunity to explore improvisation and making sounds, as well as helping to keep Seed running as a trustee

Our work

We work from our studios at the Old Trafford Wellbeing Centre in Old Trafford, Stretford and the Broomwood Community Wellbeing Centre in Timperley, Altrincham, which means our community is made up of the people who live in these areas. To reach more people locally, we work closely with Bluesci who run our centres and deliver NHS CCG-commissioned support for local people experiencing emotional or psychological distress, isolation or loneliness.

We accept people into our community through our networks, and via referrals from community  centres, GPs and other local organisations. All people are welcome to join our community group workshops, shape our service and contribute to our organisation.

Want to volunteer

We are always looking for new volunteers to breath new life into Seed Studios by starting new workshops or helping run our organisation